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Sollia was originally built as a home for tuberculosis-affected children in 1929. Eventually, other children in need of orphanages were also taken. In 1944, Sollia was converted to hospital when the original hospital in Kirkenes was bombed.  Sollia Inn was established in 1962 . Workers and other travelleres got boarding and lodging of then director Alvilde Jakobsen. In the late 1970s Hasselberg continued with the guesthouse.

The dining room at Sollia, which we currently use for breakfast, has a "homely" atmosphere with a fireplace. 

The room is such that one has a view directly across to Russia. Door directly onto the porch and garden, for breaks and fresh air. 

This is what we call "Ellisif Wessel Living Room, after the famous photographer lived here.

Ellisif Wessel played a major role in the labor movement in the early 1900s, and was a writer, photographer and agitator. She has left valuable cultural-historical photo material from Sør Varanger.

On the second floor we have refurbished the boys and girls dormitory into a meeting room.


From 1999 the Nordhus family rented Sollia and operated catering until they took over, and Sollia Gjestegård was established in 2002. They developed the facility with activities and the construction of a free-standing restaurant. For a period there were about 40 Alaska Huskies here and offer for dog sledding tours, but from 2015 they focused on accommodation, restaurant, meeting room and Northern light trips.


Gapahuken Restaurant is beautifully located at a lake and direct views to Russia. It was built in 2006 and was designed by Mia Hamborg. She was inspired by outdoor activities and nature, as you can see in the restaurant's fashions and materials. The locals have always used Sollia as a place for celebrations. Here many have been served over the years in weddings, christening, confirmations, funerals, anniversaries, Christmas parties and birthdays, etc. Gapahuken is well known and is visited by, the Norwegian Royal Family and other prominent guests.

From just being a guesthouse with a few rooms, Nordhus made 5 cabins, 4 apartments, 2 large cabins with a total of 20 single rooms and 4 double rooms. This comprises 35 rooms and 58 beds + 4 extra beds. Not to mention the tent camp on the mountain with 3 tents x 4 beds, sauna and a lavvu for meals.

In January 2018, Sollia Gjestegård was taken over by new owners and were upgraded with 8 new double rooms and 7 cabins with large windows and glass roofs for whatching the Northern light.  The last grant to the resort is a waterfront facility in Jarfjord. Here is the possibility of accommodation in 10 double rooms and / or catching king crab or fishing.

Sollia Arctic Aurora Park now organizes several fantastic activities throughout the year and has its own minibuses that bring you experiences beyond the ordinary!